Wedding services-TOBIJAH EDEN
You need an help for organising your wedding? We can assist you with our consultation package. We work together in order to help you to start your wedding planification.
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The organization of a wedding could be an arduous task. Added to this, calling the services of a wedding or event planner may at times seem like a service that is not accessible to all people. TOBIJAH EDEN wants to change this perception by making event planning possible to anyone.

Our multidisciplinary team is attentive to your needs while considering your budget. Thus, by deploying its competent professionals and the necessary means, we guarantee your peace of mind by accompanying you in the different aspects of your wedding to make it a success.

Our team is committed to satisfying its clientele!

Package 5+1= 7

This mixed package is ideal for you who seek accompaniment throughout the preparation of your wedding until the day of coordination. You have already done the research; you have already made the reservations. Our experts will then sit and communicate with you throughout the 7 weeks before the wedding to guide and structure your project. In addition, our professionals will coordinate the wedding day so that you can enjoy 100% of your event with your guests and loved ones.

The package includes:

Package 5+1= 7

5 official meetings and 1 presentation meeting

Access to our expertise and rigorous follow-up

Detailed planning of the coordination day and wedding day itinerary

7 hours of free telephone consultation (value per hour $ 100)

Contracts and services review

Meeting with some of your vendors

Coordinating your rehearsals

Transfer of the last tasks to be done (list of guests, last reservations, etc.)

Alcohol bar management

Hotel and transportation management

Package 127 +

This complete package is made for you who have the vision of your wedding, but not necessarily the direction and time to undertake its realization.Our team of experts will meet you to hear your ideas in order to tailor make your wedding. They will be there from the beginning to the end.

The package includes:

Package 127+

Access to the same professional at all times and without restriction

Setting up a realistic budget

List of needs

Advice on themes and outfits (colors, dresses, etc.)

If necessary a free consultation in New York for purchasing wedding dresses in the company of our stylist

Development of planning with timelines

Strict follow-ups

Coaching (nutrition, sports, etc.)

Moral and psychological support

Accompaniment in the different meetings and negotiations with suppliers other than ours.

Cash and payments management

Establishing the list of guests and table arrangement

Coordination of the wedding day

Collection (money) and management of the urn at the wedding day

Management of communication before and after marriage


This package is suitable for people who have the time, energy and wish to plan their own wedding but looking for a little guidance on how to get started.

Our professionals will be happy to meet you and answer your questions.

Rate per hour: 100 $/hr or 650$ for 7h