We, TOBIJAH EDEN, are an event management firm that offers quality services accessible to all budgets!
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Where do we start?

First, you have to know what type of wedding you want! This reflection will focus research on the venue, the number of guests and the budget to be expected.

Secondly, you have to turn to competent people.

Do we need a wedding or event planner ?

YES and YES!! It’s essential to be accompanied for the organization of your wedding. This event is one of the most important stages of your life. It must be organized by professionals who will plan your wedding for you which will leave you more time to focus on the essentials: You and your celebration day!

What is the role of the planner?

The professional will ensure that everything that you have discussed throughout the preparations is respected at every detail so that you can spend a pleasant evening without being disturbed and take full advantage of your event.

What are the costs of a wedding?

It all depends on the type of wedding you want to make, hence the value of being assisted by a wedding planner! The professional will guide you in establishing a realistic budget and will help you to respect it.

Is it important to visit wedding exhibitions?

Yes, this will allow you to visualize what type of wedding you want, and will allow you to have clearer ideas in terms of decoration, choice of colors, etc ., which will facilitate the work of the planner.

When do we begin paying for wedding expenses?

It’s essential to provide a significant contribution from the beginning because the different providers will ask you to make deposits in order to reserve the chosen date of the wedding.

When should the marriage process begin?

It’s important to start the process as soon as possible and ideally at least 1 year before the scheduled date. This will leave you time to have the services of the best wedding planner in your area and hire the providers you want for the wedding. The earlier the event is prepared, less stress you will have.

Will we meet with the various parties involved in the wedding?

YES, but at your discretion.  Some vendors will have to finalize some details with you before we are able to meet with them. For example, you will have to finalize with the DJ what type of music you want.

Who will host the vendors on the wedding day?

The planner organizes the arrival of vendors and ensures that everything is in place for your special day.

Can some costs be paid on the day of the wedding?

YES, some providers will ask to be paid on the day of the wedding. You can give the amounts to the wedding planner who will pay them.