TOBIJAH EDEN-Different packages to create or revitalize the synergy of your teams.
We, TOBIJAH EDEN, are an event management firm that offers quality services accessible to all budgets!
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Business Services

If you want to strengthen the ties of your team, organize your corporate meetings and meet potential customers etc.

TOBIJAH EDEN offers its services to organize your event according to your tastes.
In this period of uncertainty, it is momentous for companies to keep and attract the best employees in order to maintain profitable growth. To do this, TOBIJAH EDEN proposes its different packages to create or revitalize the synergy of your teams.


Package T-40
This package corresponds to the company that wants to organize an event that will be held in unusual places in relation to the daily setting of work. The aim of this service is to introduce employees to new sensations on both a spiritual and emotional level. At the end of this retreat, participants will be recharged and ready to face new challenges or to maintain momentum.


Package T-300
This package corresponds to the company that wishes to organize an event with a specific theme in mind. Indeed, this service officially introduces both employees and customers to knowledge of new strategies or products. It also can organize office or social activities such as galas or golf tournaments.

Please call us for a quote.